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Kickstarter mentoring programme

What is it?

The Kickstarter Mentoring Programme is an affordable package aimed to help you get started with your business idea. There is a wealth of information out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with content and advice.


This programme is designed for us to work together to identify how we can break things down into digestible components that make sense for you.

We will:

- understand your unique motivations for starting a business

- explore the values that drive you

- assess the validity of your business idea

- structure your thinking

- shape your planning priorities and goals

- develop your action plans for accountability

Who’s it for?

Early stage UK entrepreneurs who are less than 6 months into their start up journey.


How it works?

5 x 90 minute virtual online mentoring one to one sessions via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


What’s the investment?

£750 and your time commitment.

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Keen to collaborate?


Let’s start a conversation and explore the possibility of collaboration.


Book your FREE 30 minute discovery call today.

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