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"Purposeful storytelling isn’t show business; it’s good business.” 

- Peter Guber

Skills storybook

A tale. A yarn. An anecdote. Stories are important.


People remember stories. 


I believe that we are all so much more than our CVs.


That's why I've developed a skills storybook about some of my experiences.


So if you’re curious to get to know me, then delve right in and gain an insight into my skills, strengths and character.

CV highlights


But for those of you who still prefer CV highlights, see below!

✪ 20 years’ experience in large professional service firms within UK and Canada

✪ 5 years as a global diversity & inclusion practitioner

✪ 8 years as a qualified UK lawyer

✪ Experience in HR Ops, Content Management and Knowledge (L&D)

✪ Prince 2 certified project leader

✪ Studying for a certified professional diploma in UX design

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