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Tailored help

What is it?


Tailored help is personalised collaboration supporting you by ‘doing some of the doing’ on specific tasks or projects.


This may include:


- research and report creation

Example: researched UK government guidance to help a client obtain their first ever UK visa sponsorship licence.

- shaping policies and guidance


- process mapping

Example: mapped out a recruitment process including information on the right to work in the UK checks to comply with immigration rules.

- creating onboarding plans for new recruits


- website reviews

Example: identified broken links and out of date content for a number of clients which can negatively impact a customer’s user experience.


- reviewing and developing inclusive hiring practices


- content creation and editing

Example: drafted content for a client’s eBook sharing advice on how to stand out to recruiters and to promote a new CV writing service line.

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Who’s it for?

UK entrepreneurs who are 6+ months into their journey who are ready to scale or who require specific support on tasks and specific projects.

What’s the investment?

Quote to be provided based on your business needs.

Keen to collaborate?

Let’s start a conversation and explore the possibility of collaboration.


Book your FREE 30 minute discovery call today.

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