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Future forward

Fast forward to my vision of the future

It will have been a wild ride with plenty of ups, downs, and sideways moves.

The Start Up Ally will continue to:

- Be known as a trusted collaborator helping entrepreneurs save time, money, trigger new ideas or  avoid pitfalls. 

- Have fun and work with emotionally intelligent and open minded entrepreneurs. 

- Elevate and connect entrepreneurs who may not have the same access to investment or business opportunities to those who can support. 

- Recognise the importance of self-care and wellbeing because it can be mentally and emotionally draining to start a business irrespective of whether it’s funded or not.

- Challenge and be challenged to think differently to understand alternative perspectives and promote inclusivity.

Angel investing

5 years from now I want to join the ranks of those sitting on the other side of the table and become an angel investor.


In the present, I am on a learning quest to put myself into the shoes of the entrepreneurs who are daring to dream so that I can use the experience to guide my future investment decision making.

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